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Australia and Peru, two countries with much in common

Australia and Peru, two countries that share more than you might think. We are both passionate about sport and adventure, two characteristics of our nations.

This is in addition to the enormous racial diversity and great biodiversity of the two, backed by more than three thousand unique native species in each country. But beyond these similarities, the similarities between the two countries run deeper, reaching into places like mining, agriculture and trade.

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Australia and Peru: a story that can be summed up in the people

As we look back on the first 60 years of diplomatic relations between Peru and Australia, on all these years of friendship between our countries, of accompanying each other in good times and in difficult times, it is important to pause for a moment to honour our history, celebrating our joint growth and our people.

Our story, that of Australia and Peru, has to be told from the ties that bind us together: PEOPLE and THE SEA.

With this website, and a forthcoming book, we are launching the initiative “UN MAR DE HISTORIAS” ("A SEA OF STORIES"), with 60 personal stories of Peruvians and Australians who have contributed to strengthening our relations over the past 60 years in various sectors such as mining, sport, culture, diplomacy, education, agriculture, indigenous issues, and more.

This initiative is also a joint effort with the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who will help us to have the English version in order to promote these 60 stories in Australia as well.

I thank you for reading each of the stories that will be published here, both in the #60Stories sections, the blog and the videos. Let us honour and celebrate together our people and what they represent: all that we have achieved in 60 years and in the many years to come.

Maree Ringland

Ambassador of Australia

Two nations united by the same ocean

Peru and Australia are, first and foremost, friendly countries, united by close ties that have grown stronger over the years, despite the geographical distance. The Pacific Ocean, rather than separating us, unites us. We share its biological wealth and economic potential, and it serves as a bridge between our peoples.

In 2023, we celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations between Peru and Australia. Since the establishment of a resident Peruvian Embassy in Canberra sixty years ago in 1963, the relationship between Peru and Australia has developed and consolidated, and continues to strengthen, in the political-diplomatic, economic-commercial, cultural-academic and cooperative fields. It is a relationship based on shared values, such as the defence of democracy, multilateralism, the protection of human rights, respect for indigenous peoples, the empowerment of women and the fight against climate change.

Our solid friendship is also invaluably supported by the "living bridge" that links our shores on both sides of the Pacific. Indeed, the Peruvian presence in Australia has been growing gradually, especially since the 1970s, with the migration of Peruvians in search of professional and personal opportunities. Today, the approximately 18,000 Peruvians in Australia are a strong and well-integrated community, making a decisive contribution to the development of Peru and Australia. They are first, second and even third generation Peruvians, who distinguish themselves in areas such as mining, gastronomy, academia, scientific research, sports and cultural activities.

Ignacio Higueras Hare

Vice-minister for Foreign Affairs

A future together, a shared future

The celebration of 60 years of diplomatic relations between Peru and Australia is a moment of joy, and an opportunity to look ahead, to chart new challenges and to dream of the new horizons proffered by the friendship between the two countries.

May the commemoration of these six decades of diplomatic relationship contribute to realising what we all dream of: mining that contributes to society through the generation of Social Value, a future together, a shared future, a future that creates long-term mutual benefit for all of Peru and Australia.

As an Australian company with a presence in Peru, we at BHP want to be part of that future, which I am sure will be filled with growth, friendship and collaboration. We have already taken the first steps, announcing that we want to continue growing in the country. Peru and Australia have generated a fruitful alliance, and I have no doubt that BHP will be a strategic partner in that future that we all dream of.

The future is here. And we look forward to further strengthening ties, to continuing to create Social Value together, and to many more decades of Peru and Australia working together.

Rag Udd

President, Minerals Americas - BHP

#60 Stories

Mar de Historias (Sea of Stories) is a pretty deep ocean to explore. Find out more about the relationship between Peru and Australia.



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Sail through Mar de Historias (Sea of Stories) and discover the many similarities between our countries.